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The Unhoused Population and The Fentanyl Crisis


Public Safety

Public safety is the foundation of any thriving city. Unsafe communities not only hurt residents, but businesses as well. I believe all residents in Ward 10 and throughout Minneapolis must feel safe and secure in their homes and on our streets if we wish to retain our quality of life.  That is why I will never vote to defund the police as your City Council representative. I support recruiting more police officers to get the MPD back to full staffing. I will also work tirelessly to ensure all police officers are well-trained to deal with an ever-changing landscape, while also holding police accountable. 

I see far too many neighbors in Ward 10 living on the streets and in unsafe, unhealthy encampments. Everyone deserves to live with dignity and there is nothing dignified or compassionate about allowing people to live in encampments which are the subject of both drug and human trafficking as well as extreme public health issues and crime. We need to meaningfully address this and the fentanyl crisis by working closely with Hennepin County to provide resources to our unhoused neighbors. We must also give law enforcement the resources they need to stop the flow on fentanyl into our communities.

Affordable Housing  

Economic Development

As a small business owner with ties to Uptown since 1984, I understand the difficulties small businesses face in our city and the importance of economic development. I believe we must make it easier for small businesses to operate by streamlining the permitting process and listening to small business owners before making key decisions. 

I understand the concerns of those who support rent control as it aims to make housing more affordable and accessible for everyone. However, I believe it's important to consider the broader economic implications, such as potential hindrances to construction and economic growth in our city. I also believe balancing rent control with other economic factors, such as taxes and expenses, is essential for a comprehensive solution.  

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